Monday, 25 August 2014

Sunday at Cottage Tails..

Another lamb has been born - and seems to be wearing a mask - soo cute.

SQUEAL up popped another lamb - another set of twins - I LOVE the little lamb with the mask.

Both lambs are fit and healthy - isn't it amazing how they can be born and the same day up and walking up hills.

Last weeks twins will have play mates.

Mack will be booked into visit the vet this week. It has been quite a job getting food into him and his breathing has become laboured. He is happy in himself just old age catching up fast.
We did get some tucker into him last night - he had rump steak, pan fried mince, bacon and cheese. The things you do for an old loved pet.

Farm Stay Guests...

No photos of the cats as I forgot to take my camera down while they all had a manicure. The girls Coco and Bella said quite a few swear words, as did not like their nails clipped at all. The boys thought the pampering was rather nice. It's fun watching the birds when the cats are having a nap, they flock from miles I'm sure. When a cat wakes up the birds go swooosh

Naturopath in training...

Thanks to all who have signed up for the Wellness Plan Workshop I'll just make the boys lunches and then will be emailing you all.Your payment is very much appreciated and will be spent on suggested books for naturopathy learning.  Writing the Wellness Plan  Workshop has helped cement my learning from my studies - so when exam time comes the knowledge should all just flow.
I used to test the kids when homeschooling by asking them to retell something they had learnt. It was a good way to see what the kids had retained and confirmation to me that they did remember.
 I'm really excited and a little nervous to of stepped out of my comfort zone and made my first workshop.
 I would never in my dreams believed at nearly 50 I would be doing anything like this. .
If you want to sign up here are the details.


  1. Springtime lambs, heralding in another new season, and Mack, dear old boy, hugs for him too, Jean.

  2. poor mack...give him a big hug from teddy and me! i love the lambs!!! do you keep all of them?

  3. I hope Mack feels better soon, such a lovely dog. All your photos were very cute of the sheep, of the lambs. Adorable in fact :)

  4. All animals at Cottage Tails are so well loved and cared for, I will that were so for all animals.
    I wish all the best for your next journey with your studies, you are an inspiration.

  5. Th lambs are cute but there is no creature like big Mack. Pats to that sweet boy.