Sunday, 3 August 2014

Rain and more rain

We have had a lot of heavy rain which has formed ponds not that the geese or ducks have minded.

Paradise ducks  sound like geese so our place gets rather loud with honking around here. Above is the female and she is the boss! Below is the male paradise duck.

The twice daily walk over to the other paddock checking for lambs - not yet.

But the ewes look drenched from all the rain.

A little stop at Molly goat's grave - you may of noticed I finally removed her from the header bar - only took me 6 months.

Behind Molly is the most wonderful little spot full of kawakawa  and violets - which both have heart leaves.

Through its many healing properties Kawakawa is known as ...
“The Pharmacy of the Forest”

To make a kawakawa Infusion:
Pick 60 grams of kawakaw leaves and crush the leaves.
Place in a warmed teapot
Pour over the leave 60mls just to the boil hot water
Place lid on teapot
Infuse for 5 minutes and then drink

Don't yea just adore the heart leaves.

Ta da my first ever double white violet. sure wish you could smell the perfume it is divine!


  1. molly has a wonderful grave! we need rain here...we are hot again!

  2. Hope your rain knows when to stop. I gather the floodwaters are still around here and there is more forecast.

  3. Have got a new look to your blog? Something looks different? Rainy rain here too.

  4. The ducks and geese look very happy.

  5. It's been wet here today too. Thankfully, it's quite mild. Love the pics of the geese, especially the heads down one. Molly has a lovely resting lovely to be able to go "talk" to her I'm sure {{hugs}} xo

  6. We have had heaps of rain. So sick of the mud. Molly's grave looks lovely.

  7. Oh how I wish it would rain here. Every day it is cloudy and doomy and humid. We get a drop or two but not rain. I love our duck/geese pond that we pass on our walk each day.