Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pets at cottage tails update.

Another set of twin lambs were born this morning.

  I couldn't choose which was the cutest photo so you got both.

WARNING real farm photos coming next.

  And just this afternoon another set of twins were JUST born.

 Mumma sheep hadn't even had time to clean her babies for the photo shoot.

  so that make it four sets of twins so far. And we doubted Tuppy's ability to produce off spring being he was only last years baby ram.


I don't really feel like sharing so will type fast so I don't cry.

Mack is comfortable but fading fast. His lungs are packing up, the vet thinks a tumour you can do tests but why put an old dog through that? He has some medication to keep him comfortable. We are getting lots of little titbits into Mack and he still has his spark.Do you mind if I don't type any more about it? I just don"t feel like talking about it.

Oh I haven't shared one of Jo Moore's photos she took of Mack is going to be a poster for the SPCA
Fancy Mack being a pin up boy. If you get a chance do pop in some food at your local SPCA box/shelter.

Farm Stay Guests....

Bella watching the sheep

Leonardo also way too busy for a photo as he too is watching the sheep

Lordy their dad having a little visit.

Bella was not too pleased to see her dad. Leonardo didn't give a toss. I quickly snapped the photo of happy families and then moved Lordy on his way.

Laura - now I'm not sure if Leonardo and Bella' are Laura's kittens or not - I mucked up my breeding files changing computers so can;t quickly look it up

Cinders on walk about

Maji hunting.....
rabbits! Run rabbit run!


  1. So sad to read the news about Mack.

    Big hugs


  2. Sending Mack hugsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    The lambs are so sweet.

  3. Dear Mack, he will know how much you all love him, and being home, warm and comfy is the very best for him, hugs as you sit with him. XX Jean

  4. :-( thats all I am going to say

  5. We agree with Nancy Leanne. You just surround him with kisses, hugs and a warm bed. Hugs to you all too - it is tough to watch somebody you love fade from you.

    julie and poppy Q

  6. Sorry to hear that Mac is not so good, but how cool that he gets to be a poster boy! I know you will be doing all you can to make him comfortable and loving him while you can. Love your lamb photos - soooo cute. Hugs.

  7. Hugs to you Leanne & Mack. Two months ago we said goodbye to our 21yr cat Basil. It hurts xx

  8. Big hugs to Mack and to you all.