Wednesday, 6 August 2014

I wagged studying yesterday to

OOh it is sooo hard sitting inside studying when the garden is calling me. So I wagged, told a friend and she came over for a cuppa and we sat outside chatting.
 Then I planted my very first ever patch of asparagus. 

SQUEAL one of the crowns already has one little asparagus growing. BUT I can't pick it this year or next year - they need to be in a permanent bed for 2 years. But once established I will have my own asparagus for about 20 odd years. So this is going to be a lesson in patience for me.

Asparagus plants are monoecious meaning they have the male and female reproductive organs on different parts of the same plant. My research was that hybrid males produce the best and most asparagus.  I brought 20 Jersey Giant one year old crowns which are all males and they don't have to worry about setting seeds they just need to grow big and strong and then they will be eaten ah ha!

I must admit I am finding at the moment I'm just not having enough hours in the day to do all I want to do and learn.

“She felt the familiar old constriction in her chest - that combination of desire and urgency. She needed more hours - many more hours - if she was ever to study these questions as they deserved to be studied. She would never have enough hours. She had already lost so much time this week".


  1. we planted asparagus two years ago so hopefully i will be picking some next spring!!!

  2. I have never grown the stuff, but sure like eating them! I wish you luck & much patients! I love the saying by Elizabeth blimin' true!