Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Garden Share Collective August 2014

The garden share is a group of bloggers whom monthly share what they are planting, harvesting and their To do List.
It's rather fun to look back over the months of just what one does achieve in the garden..

SQUEAL spring is a coming - next months Garden Share will probably be photos of spring blossoms every where. How will you cope Joyce?
 Pst I'm mighty proud of this photo ( total fluke!) of the almond tree just itching to burst into flower- . 

The hop vine is waking up.


 Brent took me on a date to the garden shop on Sunday - my kinda outing and he shouted me LOTS including another lilac. - My first white lilac for my moon garden (will share more soon about my moon garden)

What a shocking price! But as I wanted a white one I brought it - but got home and Abbey noticed I'd picked up a pink one. What a shame I had to go back to Harrisons' Garden Centre on Monday and swap it.

Brent Brought me another camellia for my red garden. Canterbury Japonica


 Oranges, lemons, and grapefruit - a huge buzz!

Violets oh how lucky am I that I have soo many different coloured violet patches I could sit with them all day long.

The first iris out for the season which I won't pick it will last longer in the garden. (Ali I think this is one of yours)

To do

Now that my Poppy's are coming through it is nearly time to weed around them

Last year the first poppy flowered 1st November. I sell my seeds on Trade Me for $5.00 maybe I should be potting them and selling them for $12.99 since there are folks like me that will pay such a price for a poppy

I've an order of herbs coming from The Fragrant Garden one of my much loved places to buy herbs from (the owner is a herbalist). In my naturopath course one of the units coming up is herbs for the respiratory system. It's not a requirement to grow the herbs we learn about but for me growing and watching each herb is another way for me to really get to know the plant.

Gasp the Fragrant Garden is up for sale. I will miss Ian and Marilyn's knowledge.


  1. i don't mind spring as long as it is in your neck of the woods! your spring means my fall. our fall festival season has just begun so i have lots to look forward to!

  2. hello from another garden share memeber, in tassie. there are so many gorgeous NZ gardeners taking part! you have reminded me to go out and check my blossome trees for buds!

  3. I too am looking forward to spring, though it feels like it is going to arrive a little earlier this year. Look forward to seeing some blooms. See you next month.