Saturday, 23 August 2014

Collect Moments not Things.

I sure wish you could all see the lambs tails going round and round as they tuck into their milk.

Farm Stay Guests...

  Leonardo arrived

  BIG stretch from Leonardo - what a life being tucked up all warm with a hottie on his chair.

Bella kept saying Sterling is looking at me.

Sterling rather liked the look of the new lady cat Bella and did just sit and look at her.

See those ears? Omar knows I'm calling him to try and snap a photo but no way was he looking up from his dinner.

Coco looked up quickly with a smile on her face and a bit of her dinner on her nose.

I had to turn away an 11 year old Devon Rex who wanted to come and stay as we are full. .I would of loved meeting the old fella  - maybe next time.


  1. i just can't get enough of those lambs. they ae the sweetest things ever!

  2. I just love your posts! Those lambs are SO adorable...I'd spend the day just sitting and watching them.