Sunday, 17 August 2014

A day out

 Look what happens when you are at home studying for too long.

Birds make a nest under the car bonnet.

I'm Very thankful Brent checked the oil and water before we took off shopping and collecting spring water. 
We might of had a little fire on our hands.

Journal shopping at Kikki K in preparation of  Wellness Plan Workshop
One of my weaknesses is stationery!

Today is the close off  date for the special of: -   
sign up for the Wellness Plan Workshop by Sunday 17th August and you can invite a friend to join you for FREE *

I've had a few questions:
 - yes if NZ you can Internet bank payment instead of paypal
- You will need a google account/blogger account to be able to read /comment on private Wellness Plan Blog.
- It is NOT a diet, but a Wellness Plan you do not have to be overweight to get huge benefits from the workshop.

I look forward to you joining us on the 8 weeks of Wellness.. - Email me if you have any questions.

Farm Stay Guests.

The guests have settled in well and know my routines. Coco and Omar were big helpers while I filled the bird feeders.

The cats get such fun watching the birds come and go.

 Still NO tui's at the tui feeder, but plenty of waxeyes and sparrows.

Coco looks soo much Caro


  1. gee that was a close call! Amazing birds, I wonder where their rebuild will be?
    The bird feeder must be like big screen entertainment for the cats!!

    1. Yes a big screen entertainment - it keeps the cats soo busy and birds tummies full.

  2. ha! you have a bird in your bonnet!

  3. I'm glad Brent checked your oil and water too! Have a great day!

    1. yep - that is blokes chores in this house.

  4. It reminds me of the time my sister couldn't start her car and she looked under the bonnet and found a rats nest and the had had a party on her wiring cables. I have finally set up my google account and will pay my fee tomorrow through internet banking.

    1. Rats yuck shudder. Yea good on you working out google. Looking forward to having you along.