Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Yarn Along

Abbey has been busy knitting this gorgeous shawl called Pavonis  by Rachel Booker.
Rachel has only just released the pattern to which Abbey was one of the knitting testers.
Rachel is going to be holding a Knit Along for the pattern and will be on hand for any lace questions.

I was on strict instructions not to tell ANYONE - friends that know me well know I hate secrets of any kind and I'm having to keep soo many lately.

Abbey used her new blocking mats that came from the USA 

Abbey is looking out for a jazzy brooch to wear the shawl with which she scrunches up and wears as a scarf more than a shawl


My books are extremely boring all study and no fun reading at the moment. HOWEVER I am loving how some of the books for my naturopath course can also be down loaded to your computer and read on line. LIKE man kids these days studying have it soo much easier than in my day. All you have to do is click in the search engine what you are looking for and WHAM all the information is there. So much easier than looking up the index, flicking to the page. I'll be honest and I did need Abbey to help me with the techno stuff at downloading it on to my new computer for me.

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  1. Wow! Abbey what a beautiful shawl! So very pretty. The blocking mats would work well for quilts too.

  2. Well done Abbey - this is Beautiful!! I do like the colour yarn she has used too.

  3. what a gorgeous shawl. i love the pattern and the color!

  4. What a beautiful the color and the pattern! Abbey did a great job!

  5. gorgeous!!! I love the color and boy I bet that will be a beloved knit to wear :)

  6. Wow abbey did a great job, it looks great and i love the colour :)

  7. Abbey you are becoming a master knitter!

  8. Beautiful shawl----love the pattern and the color. Abbey should start selling her knitting. I bet she could make a lot. People love hand knitted things and most don't know how to knit or don't have the time and so are willing to pay a good bit for them.