Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Winter Wellness Club

The package is themed on winter wellness and will include:
  • A tissue salt
  • An essential oil
  • Something for you
  • Something to plant
  • A warming tea to make
Plus a handout of suggestions on how to use your Winter Wellness pack.

There will only be 10 places available exclusive to New Zealand residents due to "something to plant".

                            Registration is now open!

The price is $65.00 including postage

To secure your spot in the Winter Wellness Club email me with the following:
Your name
Your address

I will email you payment details once I  have received your sign up email.

Spots will be on a first in first served basis and limited to only 10 people.

Registration  closes Saturday, 2nd August 2014.
Payment due by Monday, 4th August.

The Winter Wellness Club parcel will be sent out on the full moon 11th August.


  1. Oh. ::pouts:: I had started my email when I realised this was NZ only. Hope it goes well.

    1. Thanks Rose for your support, Keep reading as there is something brewing that will be open to all xx

  2. oooh...how exciting Leanne!

  3. Sending you an email...hope I'm not too slow!