Saturday, 5 July 2014


A Jean Jones top  $139.00 brand new with tag still attached. I got it for $50.00 off Trade Me (like Ebay)- yes my snobby days are over now I am a student so I've been purchasing clothes online and man what a new world for me I'm amazed at the amazing bargins especially brand new with swing tags still on.

I've been a loyal Jean Jones customer for many years - the clothes are MADE IN New Zealand and I can always walk into Jean Jones and find something yummy to wear every single time. As I lose weight I don't actually want to buy expensive labels that  I know I'm not going to wear out.

And in case you have been wondering why I've been quiet on the blog
I've been frantically writing in between assignments a wellness plan that I have designed from my year one naturopathic studies  to share with you all soon.

They are being proof read by a fantastic reader of the Cottage Tails blog who is also making lifestyle changes along with me.

If you could pick my brain from my naturopathic studies what would you ask me or want to learn?


  1. Nice top Leanne. I bought a thrive top that normally costs $210 from their shop in Martinborough for $50 last week too. Although still pricey, I just can't justify the crazy prices that many stores charge.

    Good luck with the study - sounds like you are doing well.

    Julie and Poppy Q

    1. I'll admit I'm a real snob re 2nd hand but wow I am amazed that new garments can be found with swing tags on. I do shop at Jean Jones - I like to support MADE IN NZ and I like to have a few nice things more than lots of clothes - not that you would know that from how I get about around home - jeans, gumboots and tops.

  2. Things not to eat that really have no value that weren't obvious

    1. I'm writing away and sharing all sorts of things I learnt from year one that I hope will inspire others to make small changes.