Thursday, 3 July 2014

Has Tup done his job?

 Tup is last years ram we kept to carry on the lines - but is he too young to have done a good job?

Tup hangs out with these two girls mostly - the new sheep haven't really mingled with our old sheep and still have not come to be hand fed.

Tup did visit with the new girls when they were cycling so maybe ...

At this time of year I do get a tad fascinated with ewe's butts to see if any udders are filling up.

I suppose it is a wait and see game 

I do love lambs...


  1. i would love to see some baby lambs!

    1. lambing is one of the best parts about living here

  2. I used to love eating "lamb"!

    Then; about yen years ago. We took our granddaughter "Poppy" (short for Penelope! my name!!)

    to dinner at a local great restaurant! My husband Adam said...."My wife will have the lamb"; there was an immediate shriek!!!

    My granddaughter said......"What?? Someone killed a lamb?? How did they kill it?

    Did they shoot it???"

    End of my eating lamb. Over.

    Once the connection is is quite astonishing!!!


    1. Penelope dare I share with you but we eat the lambs we raise. The sheep that live here have a wonderful life - all bar one day. I'm passionate about knowing where our food comes from and I tell you there is something about looking your dinner in the eye. I struggle with not knowing where my food came from of how it was raised of what it was fed. I need to know did that animal get to live on grass or in a pen - was if fed hormones? - Was that too much info? Love Leanne