Saturday, 26 July 2014

Friday a day to clean house, garden or quilt

I've declared Friday's are  a no study day  to do as I please... Clean house, garden, quilt.
I didn't get to do any of these this Friday as I had guests all day..

But I did carve out some time to sit with a cuppa in the sun (yes sun in winter it is GLORIOUS) and begin reading Emma Bridgewater's memoir "Toast & Marmalade and other Stories" .
I'm LOVING this book - from the first sentence I just knew it was gonna be my kind of book.

"GOD, I'M GREEDY. I think about some sort of food a lot. Bacon for example".

Hang on a tickie I'll grab some photos for you from the book

Swoon she loves postage stamp quilts.

Oh yes we need little altars everywhere.

 I didn't have time to work in the garden - but I did get some photos for you of what is flowering in my garden. And yes that is a tulip flowering in my garden in JULY along with winter roses (Hellebores) and snow drops.

 A little walk got squeezed into my day

 No lambs yet...

 Farm Stay Guests...

Ella arrived for a holiday and she put on such a show for the visitors who cooed over her.


  1. wherever that walk is, i could walk there all day! it is beautiful.

  2. Hi Leanne, I was reading a magazine article about Emma Bridgewater just this week & now your book has me most intrigued. I may have to treat myself to it :-)

    1. My copy is from the library I sure hope I can finish reading it before it has to go back.

  3. Looks like you had a lovely super day!

  4. I think you had a lovely no work no study Friday :) I do adore winter sun and that sun cannot arrive soon enough :)