Sunday, 13 July 2014

Farm Stay visitors and the full Moon

Welcome back Pinot - it's his first time back here with the new cat door.
He really didn't know what to do
to eat his mince or watch the rain

 play with his toys.
So he did all three things.

Bea and Sienna are back - Beau is the champion eater around here. I think most photos I ever get of Beau is of him eating.

Sienna is a sweetie and prefers bunts and pats before she eats her dinner - we have to do this super fast otherwise Beau finishes his dinner and starts on hers.

Sky watching...

The sky was very beautiful Saturday morning

A cloudy night made full moon watching a tad hard


  1. Lovely shots of the cats and that sunrise is stunning. Have a great weekend.

  2. i was so excited to see the moon but it was far too cloudy here.

  3. The cats are all beautiful. I am sure they are enjoying their stay. Love the pretty colors, moon and sky shots. Thank you for linking up to my critter party.. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. loved the happy home and miraculous sky

  5. Lovely sunrise, here it was a brilliant red but too many huge pine trees to the North-east, to take a photo, then in the west almost as red, for those few moments. Enjoy the holidays with a full house. Cheers,Jean

  6. What beautiful sleek beauties your cats are!
    I like your ghostly moon.

  7. There have been some lovely sunrises this week.

    Glad to see all the visitors feel at home and hope they enjoy their stay.

  8. Pretty kitties. Beautiful sunrise.

  9. Hi Leanne, super photos and your kitties are so cute. That sky is incredible! Thanks for stopping by by bird post. No, I wasn't tempted to try and feed them but I had so much fun watching.

  10. Wow ' now I know what you are talking about !
    When are you going to open the cattery near my house ? ( hope with smile )