Friday, 18 July 2014

Daily life

The OLD chickens were pleased that Pinot didn't eat his mince, in fact they are always pleased when the cats go home as they get fed the cat nuts that are left in the bowl.
The chooks are old and not laying eggs so we are buying eggs at the  moment - They are very old girls and may well and truly be past laying any eggs - I'm wondering if we might get one or two eggs as their oh what are they called thingy my gigs (I've done too much study and my brain is overloaded) are turning a nice red again - which is a good sign chickens will lay

Pinot's family went skiing today

Pinot went feather fishing and was a pro! Hope his family were pro skiing too!
Oh don't worry that Pinot didn't eat his mince he ate ALL of his HUGE bowl of cat nuts. Science diet oral care so he will have good shiny fangs and a full tummy - all the better to feather fish with!

both fires were roaring  keeping us nice and warm today

the perfect weather for soup

I'm not a recipe type cook - more mm a taste as go cook.

Pumpkin soup

2 onions
6 cloves garlic (we like garlic)
4 dried chillies from last years harvest seeds removed
2 freshly picked stalks of lemon grass finely chopped
Pumpkin about 1/2 a crown pumpkin I used
some water to cook it all in - enough to just cover it
Once cooked add 1 tin of unsweetened organic coconut milk and heat through
add chopped up parsley or coriander (I've only got parsley in garden at mo so that is what we had)
salt n pepper to taste
and serve
Honest it is soo yum!


  1. combs? your soup looks so good! i wish we were having soup weather! i made a great fire last night and forgot to take a photo of it.

    1. I love your fire pit - it is on my dear Brent list xx

  2. Lemon grass, a nice addition, and your own garlic and all else, we have just parsley in the garden, silver beet succumbed to the last frost, and cauli all finished, Last week, on a good day, Hugh planted leeks, organic broccoli, and new silver beet. Roll on summer, minus 1.8 earlier up here this morning. Cheers,Jean. p.s. at 5 a.m. today,... one fire went all night, I lit the other, and toasty now.

    1. brrr - my friend in Blenhiem was -3 degrees - I think we have a frost this morning but I'm not poking my little nose out to look yet - nice n toasty with fire on

  3. Oohh Pumpkin Soup sounds lovely! I might have to try this in the fall. I love pretty much anything pumpkin flavored.

  4. mmmm Pumpkin soup, my Favourite!

  5. mmmm, pumpkin soup! I am the ONLY one in the house that will eat it so it's rarely made....

    1. maybe you could have it for your lunch in the autumn

  6. Your chickens don't appear over-age to me. You must be taking excellent care of them.
    Pumpkin soup, mmm. My husband likes all kinds of soups which I garnished with fresh herbs.
    I've been using coconut milk in soups and in making him rice pudding. He's a gluten-free guy.

    1. Hello Karen, sure wish the chickens would lay an egg it seems silly to buy eggs when you have hens. James can't have milk otherwise I would use organic cream or whole milk in the soup. I just find it easier when I cook to adapt around food allergies/intolerances and we all eat the same. Much easier for the cook.