Sunday, 27 July 2014


I was quite surprized to see so many other people at the movies at 1.15pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon but obviously there are many Mrs Brown's fans. The movie was a good laugh but not quite the same as the Tv show. It was as if someone else had control making it. But still a good laugh and everyone leaving the movie theatre had a smile on their faces. 3/5

What mothers get to see on facebook updates of what their teenage sons friends are up to.
James was off to his mate T's birthday party  - they have been mates since preschool times.
My generations parents would have had no idea of what we got up to.
I wonder how all their heads are this morning?

Farm Stay Guests.

Ella enjoying her temptation treaty

Oh my that face is saying "For real is that all I get?"
Ella puts on quite a show for Brent - he put in a catnip plant for her and oh my the rubbing around legs, rolly polly's like please....... all for a male.
As no other cats are staying she got two hotties heated for her as it was about -1deg c over night so she would of been nice and cozy.


  1. LOL on Ellen's comment! Also, what is this cake, or maybe treat is more like it. It looks good.

    1. rice bubbles, melted marshmallows and dairy free chocolate.

  2. Happy Birthday - is it for James?, the cake looks awesome!!

    julie and poppy Q