Sunday, 1 June 2014

What I have learned in May

1. I learnt I can get $1000.00 worth of groceries in 3 minutes. 

2. I learnt it takes an awful lot of planning  to make a packed lunch for a teenage boy.
It's been quite an adjustment - to prepare a cooked lunch that James can take with him to work.(allergy free)
My menu planning has had to be well organised. Plus I'm gutted when he eats his tea and is still hungry so eats his lunch I'd put aside for the next day

3. I've also learnt that a teenage boy doesn't care if you haven't ironed his shirt - he will take it out of the ironing basket and wear it! Oh the shame..

4. I learnt from notes from the world Endometriosis Congress meeting that there is a real shift away from doing repeat surgeries and a lot of research is being done into pain and nerve contributors

5. I've been learning how toxic BPA is and stopped buying any tin cans that have BPA lining sprayed inside the cans. Bisphenol-A (BPA) can leach out into food and is causing a concern with human illnesses including heart disease, breast cancer. BPA is also an oestrogen mimicker ie it reacts to it as if it was oestrogen.

6. I've learnt once again how heartbreaking it is to rehome a pet. But if I focus on how happy rehoming Freya makes the new owner it does help. I got so much joy when I rang the owner to see how Freya was getting on and the delight and love in the owners voice is really something very wonderful. She said she hurries home from work, doesn't work late any more and walks in the door and says "Hello I'm home" to which Freya answers and then helps her new mum get the fire going for the two of them.

7. I learnt there is such a thing as a blokes tool box that needs to be lifted on a ute by a forklift. Its called a Road Box.

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  1. that is a lot of really good stuff to learn! may was a good month.