Monday, 30 June 2014

Quilting and Goats.

I finished quilting the quilt - but gasp I wasn't happy with it so unpicked all of my quilting and today (Monday) I start again. Deadline is Friday as her birthday is on Saturday

Oh and I brought a goat on Saturday (as you do)

She is an orphan and had been hand raised - living inside until she started to climb the book cases.

The other goats pick on her.

After a sleepless night I changed my mind as we are running low on grass and as she is currently strip grazed with two electric cords and she get underneath that I was worried she might get out and eat Brent's natives or my vegetable garden GASP. I've said we won't take her until the fences are finished. Our neighbour has said we can graze our sheep over at their place but the boys need to do some fence work before they go over there.

She might be sold before then....the lady breeds milking goats and she will have new kids from August onwards. Not purebred Nubians, Saane/Nubian cross. She thought I might like a kid of 1 month old and bottle feed



  1. Decisions decisions! I love goats but they are such Houdinis! Good luck with your quilting - I'm going hardout with one too, deadline tonight!!

  2. Oh the unpicking! Bummer, still you will be happy you did if it bugged you.

    1. Yep it bugged me - I did have you sitting on my shoulder all the way....

    2. all pinned and pinned and pinned and pinned again so no movement this time - let the quilting re begin SMILE.

  3. We agree - she is a cutie and I am sure is meant to come and live with you and the family Leanne.

  4. How could I get her to California???

    She is a darling!!!