Saturday, 28 June 2014

New Drum & Farm Stay Guests.

My drum arrived in perfect timing for the New Moon

 Russell from Southern Spirit Drums made my drum

It was rather fun as every step of the way he emailed me photos of his progress

  The hoop, goat skin and laces prior to putting it all together.

appreciated Russell's friendly emails and photos of his progress. 

"Over the next few days I will be finishing the hoop and preparing the goat skin for the drum head and laces. Currently the goat hide is being stretched in readiness for this. There after, the skin is shaped for the drum head and the laces for stringing the drum are made ready.
Having grown up with Toggenburgs and weaned on goats milk as a child, plus as a Capricorn, it's probably not surprising to you that one of my spirit guides is the wonderful goat! :))"

Myself also being a Capricorn and a lover of goats no wonder I chose goat hide and Russell to craft my drum. .
 The completed drum drying out.

 Finally dried and ready to play.

We will have a drumming circle at our place soon with a bonfire.
 It won't be as private with all the pine trees gone but it won't take long for the natives to grow.

Farm Stay Guests... 

Jack doing his headstands.

Jack having a little dance (this photo was taken with the movement control set on camera)

Jack talking - I'm gonna miss our conversations when he goes home.

Ahh Jack stood still for one moment.

Rosa wouldn't come and and see me so I poked camera through the cat flap to get this shot.
She has stunning Amber eyes - they are from her father Lordy

Like really why would she come out and see me when she had the best possy and sitting on a nice warm hottie.


  1. Fun times ahead with your new drum. Happy weekend to you, wet & wild up here.

    1. BEAUTIFUL day here - I am inside quilting.... free motion too

  2. Cant wait to see them! They look very content, and might not want to come home!

    1. Brent has been down to see them this morning and they have had a big rattle up - you know how he loves your two. Don't know what they got up to last night but man what a mess they had made throwing their kitty litter around - they may of just our stayed their welcome - SMILE.

  3. I bet the new drum sounds great!

  4. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask. How do I get my old cat 19yrs to stop going to toilet in the garage he has always been an outside cat and now he is really old I keep him in the garage with the door open for him but he will not use a dirt box that I have left for him. He doesn't use outside either when it rains.

    1. 19 years is a good age. I'd take him to the vet and get him checked out

  5. What a great drum! My hubby and girls made drums years ago and they would go to the event in our town to drum in the full moon too. Enjoy! Kit