Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Finally I can say I am in the new norm of making James' lunch for him to take to work. I've had to be super organised to plan ahead lunches for him to take daily that are allergy free and will fill up a working lad. I'm tending to give him left overs from dinner. We normally don't have left overs so I'm cooking more at tea and dishing up lunch then. He took a roast turkey dinner for lunch on Monday and thought that was pretty yummy so did the men in the smoko  room who smelt it...

We needed another trip to Petone to get our water - it is the secret to getting perfect sour dough

and to pick up some wool for Raewyn - Abbey did the draw for me and smiled when it was your name Raewyn, We found out that Holland Road is closed on Monday and Tuesdays (which I think is fine as they are open in the weekends but we didn't think to check hours before we left) so will pop over again for your wool Raewyn in a couple of weeks when we refill our water bottles..

Farm stay Guests...
top left Jack, Jack, Sienna Bottom left Beau, Sienna and Rosa with red blanket

I'm cheating and using some photos that were on my camera as no photos taken Monday

The cats all got another day in the outside runs - the weather is really mild and sunny making it very pleasant to be outside for all of us.

 Rosa n Jack aren't eating their dinner their mum left them - CATS! They are woofing down instead our cat nuts which currently on offer is Hills Science oral care cat nuts. (Jack N Rosa are not hungry they are getting three scoops of nuts morning and night - no wonder they don't want their normal food)

Beau and Sienna are eating everything I offer them and like the oral care cat nuts too.

So I suppose all the cats will be going home with clean teeth - smile.


  1. you are a terrific mother! just in case no one told you that recently!

    1. Thank you - the kids tell me often too I enjoy looking after everyone and I like cooking so it's not a problem ( I don't like ironing tho)

    2. i love ironing! i don't do it too often but i love ironing everything, even sheets. i can't knit or sew but i can iron! but then, i think even teddy can iron!

  2. Thank you Leanne, very exciting, - a lovely way to start the day :-) I can see what my next project will be!!! I can imagine work lunches would be tricky, it was one of the more difficult meals for me when I went GF. Now if I have work, I often do the old leftovers trick too.

  3. Firstly I must have missed something. I don't know where James works, but bet it is something to do with machines, welding ,engines or even guitars or gardens? ( nosey eh )
    My married son makes time every Sunday evening to cook himself enough veges etc. to last him all week for his lunches. It's a habit he has got into to look after himself and his special diet.
    Left over are wonderful for lunches even if you are at home.I always cook more veg for making frittatas or quiche or similar.( I know your James can't eat eggs so that makes it more of a challenge . )

  4. I never liked making lunches! My kids all made theirs for school. Hubby retired before I did, and used to make my lunch and drive me to work!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!