Saturday, 21 June 2014

Farm Stay Guests.

It's lovely having Jack n Rosa back to stay. I did wonder how they would be as they haven't been here for awhile - but well... they were dropped off strutted around like they live here.

Rosa talked and talked 

To the doves as well as us

She was rather busy girl looking at those doves.

Jack refused to be photographed - he only wanted pats, even though I told him his mum,  dad and Nana would like to see a photo of him. He did lots of rolly pollys for Brent but wouldn't keep still for a photo





 Jack goes outside - We taped up the cat door for   Jack n Rosa so they can come in and out as they please

Jack n Rosa came here with a special hamper of their favourite food... However.... ROAST TURKEY is on the menu here tomorrow as we will be celebrating  Winter Solstice (tomorrow works best for us) and that's a good excuse to eat turkey.....All the cats and dogs get turkey here too!.

 Beau and Sienna are staying and their family aren't able to see the blog while away so said don't worry about putting up photos. Just as well as this is the best photo I got of them  tonight. They like rolly pollying too....All the photos come up rather blurred

They are loving a new food our cats LOVE  gourmet morsels (It has to be chicken they turn their noses up at the beef one)

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  1. Awww thanks! I love the pic if rosa talking! :) it's quiet here tonight!

    1. You are very welcome. Yes it must be hard being home and they are not there. I'm pleased they have settled in here well. They ate a good dinner too.

  2. Cute kitties! I am glad the kitties feel at home while staying with you! Thank you for linking up to my critter party. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Turkey for dinner, those cats are spoiled!