Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Farm Stay Guest.

We did not have a great photo session last night - with lots of photos taken for their families this one of Jack is the only good one.

It does not help when they perform like Jack - who keeps head bunting and purring. Really all he wanted was pats not sitting still for the family to see how handsome he is. Isn't he funny! - His dad Lordy does all these head bunting moves too.

 Rosa was not impressed with Jack's tom foolery.

Rosa would be sitting all pretty and looking beautiful for her photo when along comes Jack and gets in front of the photo shoot. - Really Jack!

As for Bea and Sienna all they wanted was to rub around our legs and get pats too.

I suppose the photos show they are relaxed and lapping up our pats.


  1. Too funny! Where would we be without our fur-babies to entertain!

  2. They bith look mighty happy! Love those headstands! X