Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A box of cats

We have Beau and Sienna staying at the moment

With an organic vege box delivered - we had a spare box that I popped  down in the cattery for them to play in.

But only having one box caused fights.

Beau was rather miffed that his sister Sienna wanted to play in the box too

 Beau thought he'd give Sienna a wash

Sienna had other ideas about getting a wash


  1. ha ha what is it about cats and boxes! My Mums cat used to squeeze into the daftest little boxes, more of her out than in!

  2. Big, big giggle here :) I see who ended up with the box!

  3. I love cats...and cat stories...especially when they are accompanied by pictures! Loved this, Leanne!

  4. what is it with cats and boxes? they really need no other toys!

  5. I got a box for Kim with a nice rug at the bottom but Kath had other ideas and there is often a fight over it now. Must get a second box although I suspect they will both want the same one.

  6. Lol...I have determined that cats LOVE yes, L.O.V.E. boxes. My little Romeo was hiding out in a box earlier and dared me to move him out of it. Your cats are beautiful.