Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Quilter's Calculator

Oh My Abbey has been shopping on line again and has found an amazing calculator for quilters.
 Being bed bound does have its advantages aye! 
The things she finds is amazing.
Abbey is currently buying up and sending all her purchases to a blogging friend in the USA who is kindly going to  repackage it all and post over to NZ saving Abbey a lot in postage.
. Man you guys in USA have such wonderful things.

The Best part too is this calculator will convert to meters as over here in New Zealand all our quilt fabric is brought by the meter and often quilt patterns are by the yard.

Isn't it Jazzy! 
I can hardly wait for it to arrive from America. 
Abbey found the cheapest place to purchase it at the moment is via Amazon

Have any of you got or used this calculator? 
Is it as good as it looks?


  1. oh yes, some wonderful quilting equipment and lovely fabric to be had in the USA.
    I sent for some recently, to be delivered here in England, but I had a letter saying I had to pay £20 tax before the postal service would deliver, so my bargain wasn't such a great one after all, with the shipping on top.

    1. OUCH! re tax. Abbey has never had to pay tax and she shops on line often.. been a tad a lot lately

  2. Very jazzy! Is it one of those that will also work out how much material you need for boarders and backing. Because I hate doing the math for that lol

  3. I have this calculator. I use it to figure yardage for borders, backing, etc. I haven't gotten into all the details but it's really nice.

    1. Oh thanks I'm so pleased it is a good buy. I'm looking forward to borrowing it. - Abbey is a real maths girl me I'm not I always buy way too much and add the excess fabric to my stash - which then gets used in another quilt. That is why I LOVE scrappy quilts I don't have to do the maths to work out how much fabric is needed.