Tuesday, 20 May 2014

PYO Apples

Its been a tradition - every autumn we would have a day off homeschool and go pick apples.
We are continuing the apple picking tradition even though home schooling has been and dusted.
Aren't I just soo lucky that our kids in their late teens still wanna come pick apples with me?

I really don't think there is anything much better than picking an apple off a tree and eating it

I smile remembering the kids when they were younger having apple fights in the orchard - picking up the apples off the ground and throwing them at each other. On purpose I did not remind them of this while we picked apples this year - their throws and aim is much better, Plus their dad is with them and HE needs no ideas either to be silly

trust us to find someone who needed feeding.

there are plenty of apples left to spoil on the ground and we didn't feel guilty at all picking a few up off the ground to give to the horse. Does my head in the apples left to rot on the ground - oh the apple sauce, bottling, pies and even apple cider that I could put all those apples to  good use.

This cheeky wee fellow who I am thrilled to get a photo of ! Fantails are such busy wee birds it is extremely hard to snap their photo. One day I'll get a photo with a tail open which is like a fan.
This little fella danced and played with us that it reminded me of the cards Wisdom of the Four Winds by Barry Brailsford and the meaning of fantail is Light Holder Of The East and Laughter

I am Fantail

I am the child
Dancing the wind
To fly my kite

I am the sage
Whistling a tune
To the full Moon

I am the circle
Of a warm day
Joyous life at Play

I am Piwakawaka

The Gifts

The East Wind calls you home. Remember it offers the gift of the dawning, the springtime or renewal.
Piwakawaka flits into your life to bring two messages. The first is that we should stand back from the little 
dramas we create in our lives and bring laughter to them. Laughter gifts perspective, the ability to expose the
core of a problem. Laughter is the friend of the wise and the antidote to ego running wild. It is good to look at our actions and laugh, to enjoy our frailties, to see them for what they are, and then move on. 
Laughter helps us forgive ourselves and forgive others. Laughter is healing. Remember it was Piwakawaka's 
laughter that saved Maui, that brought him back to the cycle of life and death, to the magic of renewal in birth, the way that keeps intact the gold thread of creation. Maui's intent would have fixed him forever in one place denied his spirit the many realms of being. That is ever the danger, becoming so fixed in one direction we close the doors to learning. A child born of the East Wind must travel to the South for growth, to the West for insight and to the North for wisdom. To stay forever in the East means there is no journey. all we might be is incomplete. While Fantail's first gift is laughter, its second is different. The lightness it offers shifts us into the world of paradox, for laughter opens the way to the deepest of the mysteries. The little one is the messenger of the spirit, the one who dances across the realms to reach into the Above and Beyond. This is why Piwakawaka often visits when death gathers. It does not cause the passing, is not the agent of change, merely the guardian of the spirit that has decided to move on. Fear is not the companion it brings to that moment. Its offering is reassurance, a reminder that we die a thousand deaths in one lifetime, that we let go of the old again and again to give birth to the new. It speaks of beginnings that are without end, of constant renewal, the promise of change and growth. Nothing is lost to us forever. All is of the turning, for we are joined as one within the circle. 

Play some

Dance some
Paint some
Sing some
Write some
Laugh some
Each day

Live the moment

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  1. what a cut little bird! i am hoping to have my own apples this year. i am hoping to have lots of stuff but only time will tell!