Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Farm Stay Guests

Shiloh is modelling the rearranged room,  set up with two chairs and the igloo turned around.
With winter here there is no draft from the cat door - They are all nice n snug and warm with their winter hotties on their chairs and in their igloo.

Shiloh likes to use the chair as a jump off platform to spring through the cat door.

Symba caught on camera, he ran in the cat door when he saw me heading his way and turned around and went straight back out when I came inside. He sure is a challenge to photograph, he really doesn't like the camera at all.

I tried again to snap a shot of Symba but he is onto me. 
Even with the rain the cats can get some outdoor time as the cat run has a  roof over sections - this allows sun bathing and means it stays nice n dry around the cubby house.

Amber has been enjoying her chicken dinners.

But thought the mince Shiloh was eating looked better.
 The three of them have been eating together off the same plate - I'll keep trying to get a photo of this for their family. But Symba is on to me when he sees the camera pointed his way. They go home Saturday and I'm going to miss them.


  1. Wow, that looks like a five star resort for cats! I'm sure they enjoy every minute of their stay.

    1. Thanks! But there really is nothing like home is there. Symba has put on quite a bit of weight - I always tell their owners it is not a health spa and well one does tend always put on weight when we go on holiday aye.