Saturday, 31 May 2014

A new bed and off to the movies.

Abbey has been quite sore of late so we thought a new bed might help

It has so many different layers of specially designed padding 

It may have been a hot price but with Abbey's bargaining skills reduced this down too $1600.00
 Go girl
cash talks

(The valance is in the wash)

The mattress moulds to your body and is very comfortable. Miss Poodle has given it the OK
isn't she soo cute how she just sits on her little quilt at the end of Abbey's bed.

BUT with all the extra padding the quilts Abbey has made for her bed are too short on the sides.

What can a girl do but well plan to make more quilts...


Everything worked out perfect - the sales lady was wonderful, the bed was delivered on time, and a friend picked up the old bed for her boy - she had just decided her lad needed a new bed and put it out there - when the following day by coincidence I texted her asking if she wanted a bed.
Isn't it fun when things happen like that.
All in perfect timing.


Abbey & I zipped off to the movies yesterday at 10.30 am and saw Grace of Monoco.

Photo source pinterest

We both really enjoyed the movie and loved seeing Oliver the poodle.

Grace Kelly with Oliver - photos from pinterest.


  1. nothing like having a comfy bed! what a great deal she bargained too. i was supposed to have lunch with grace kelly in monaco and blew it off. i always sort of felt bad about that!

    1. oh man really you got an invite to lunch with Grace Kelly like totally WOW

  2. A good bed is paramount! I am impressed by Abbey's bargaining skills - and what a shame she has to make more quilts! Glad you enjoyed the movie - it looks like the poodle was the lead role!

    1. yes she is like soo oh my I have to make more quilts. She is bidding on Trade Me for a quilt cabinet to keep them in. I think someone is hooked on quilts.

  3. A great bargain, well done Abbey! Comfy beds are so important and with me I have to have comfy pillows. I admired Grace Kelly. She was a movie star and yet as a Princess she was a very regal lady.

    1. we both have the special pillows that mould to your neck - Mine I got this week and it has made a huge difference - abbey has had hers for years and swears by them

  4. Nothing like a new bed. Now I will watch the trailer to the movie. You have put me onto many good movies, like Captain Phillips!

    1. oh thanks I'm so glad you liked Captain Phillips. have you watched The Call? It was soo scary (i don;t do horror or scary movies well at all)