Thursday, 17 April 2014

Yarn Along

Abbey has on her needles a new cardi  which is done on circular knitting needles and dpns so it becomes a seamless cardigan

View of back

I'm finding it fascinating how she stops at the sleeves and then via the circular needles knits the back and front - Imagine no sewing up!

This is the third garment Abbey has used MadelineTosh wool. It is hand-dyed merino and she loves how the hand dying gives little flecks in the knitting. I know Abbey brought her wool from Eat, Sleep Knit, but not sure if it is sock ply or 4ply, I forgot but you can always ask Abbey .

The last two photos show the true colour of the wool - she's soo good and always does a knitting swatch.

 Front view of the cardi pattern she is knitting - Grace by Jane Richmond

Back view of the pattern (Photos from designer's Raverley page)

Raverley is pretty awesome from the the above page you can click onto projects and see the other 339 knitters from around the world that are knitting or finished the same Grace pattern. 


On audio the book I'm listening to is Bittersweet by Colleen McCullough  - I'm quite enjoying this family saga about four Australian sisters (two sets of twins). Colleen wrote The Thorn Birds which of course I loved.

I download my audio books from the Wellington Library  which  I joined up as a distance borrower and particularly like the books in the Bolinda digital library - many of the books are set in Australia. And the books are free (a good thing!)

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  1. that is going to be such a gorgeous sweater! i love the pattern and the color!

  2. I'm reading this book at the moment and enjoying it too. Love Abbey's cardie pattern - I think having no seams to sew up would be so awesome!! The wool is gorgeous too :-)

  3. What a lovely colour of wool...........good luck Abbey.

  4. Beautiful sweater and I believe seamless knitting goes so much faster!!

  5. Oh Abbey, you are a braver knitter than me! I've looked and looked at this North American way of knitting but just haven't bitten the bullet and tried it so I'll watch this with great interest. Have you considered putting together a knitting blog? You knit so beautifully I for one would love to read about how you've found patterns, tricks and tips. You could even start with a retrospective?

  6. Looks so pretty will be perfect for you abbey.

  7. Oh it's going to be beautiful. I love that pattern so much, I've got some yarn that I frogged from another cardigan all wound and ready for it

  8. The colour and pattern of that sweater is divine.

  9. Lovely cardi Abbey, no sewing up is the best! I've done a couple of baby items on circular needles and it means they get finished, not just end up remaining as pieces waiting to be sewn together! I always enjoy seeing your knitting Abbey.