Sunday, 20 April 2014

Photo shoot of Mack by Jo Moore

Mack will be 10 in June an old boy in the Mastiff world. He was in a bad way this time last year but has come right again and is now as mischievous as ever. Mack is never left unsupervised as trouble of some sort is always nearby. It's not that he's a bad dog its just that for some reason opportunities for mischief always arise and he needs his dad for guidance - Don't eat that duck Mack, Don't eat that goose Mack, Don't eat that kids ice cream Mack, Don't bite that bike tyre Mack, You are not allowed to chomp that cat Mack, Hey don't cock your leg on that ladies pram Mack.

We could go on but will run out of page.  

 Hmm - I'm having trouble concentrating on the camera

 If I turn my head this way a bit I won't see that sheep just behind the fence.

 Its no good  every time a see a sheep I think of  well.... There's thousands of years of genetic DNA in a Mastiff you know

 I will have to sit down and look the other way

 Thats no good - Ill have to look the other way

 Ahh,,, but I can smell them

 They must be down wind

 Maybe they won't notice if I just have a little nip?

This is a dilemma - If I have a little nip I won't be able to stop and My dads not home... 
I have ribbons for obedience you know.....
 but I have trouble hearing when the others ask me not to do things. 

 Ahh... but my dad always defends me no matter what - Like the time I dug through the wall in the house... He just said "There must have been a rat in the wall you know" 

Photos by Jo Moore.

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  1. Mack is a beautiful dog! Gorgeous photos by your friend, once again! Thank you for linking up with Saturday's Critters.. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter!

  2. Mack is gorgeous this post just cracks me up. He is a lovable villian xx

  3. Mack, you are adorable! I can tell your human understands your every thought :)

  4. mack is such a handsome boy! i think it is good that he is still such a pip at his age! what are you doing for easter?

    1. It is grand that Mack is doing so well - however he is getting what ever he wants to eat now he is a golden boy. Easter is not a big deal in our family - with food allergies etc treats aren't a big thing. Brent has the public holidays off and has been working in his shed on the old truck, Abbey has been tucked up in bed with her poodle, James worked Good Friday as Saturday very long hours and today he was up early and said to me "mum hear that sound!" I said yes rain! He replied - "ahhh mud!" he's gone off 4wd with a friend. Me I've been up since 3am studying, have a client coming at 11am and then the rest of my day will be study. Easter weekend is traditionally when I plant my spring bulbs but with the earthworks happening for new motor way the pukeko's have moved in by the hundreds so I am wasting my time planting bulbs they eat them all. I am looking forward to duck season and WILL go and get my gun license so I can have a good old shoot up Hope you are having a lovely spring weekend out in your garden. Love Leanne

    2. Hope your client behaved!!

  5. Lovely photos, my favourite, the last one. My bulbs are sprouting all by themselves in pots, I need a trailer load of new potting mix, a new part of the garden, and get planting. Glorious rain here, a deluge last night for about 5 minutes. Here, too, no eggs, other than one given to me at Farmers yesterday. Cheers, Jean.

  6. We love them all particularly the last one.

  7. Mack is just lovely Leanne. My son has a female mastiff - she is 7 & is beginning to look older now. They have such lovely natures & personalities. She cant be left unsupervised either - she loves children but her eyes glaze over & sometimes she wants to take just a tiny little nip while playing with them!!~!!! I think your photos are just beautiful & capture him so wonderfully. They will be a real treasure long after Mack has left this world. I especially love the last one. Happy Easter to you x0x

  8. A wonderfull boy, happy Easter

  9. What wonderful pictures of Mack. My brother has a bull mastiff dog, Lush, but he misses his old boy Yoda who looks like Mack. We love the first and last photos, we think she has captured him so well.

    Have a lovely Easter.
    Julie and Poppy Q

  10. Gorgeous photos Leanne, hard to pick a favourite - they show his character and are such lovely clear shots... wonderful treasures. Happy Easter weekend:-)

  11. What a great looking dog! I had to laugh at your commentary about him. Terrific photo shoot!

  12. HI Leanne HI Wonderful photos. Hope you had a great Easter.