Friday, 18 April 2014

Mother and Son Home brew sample testing.

 I took brewmaster Dave from Brewers World a sample of the Mother and Son homebrew

Dave carefully poured the beer down the side of the glass 

Dave gave it the official swirl in the glass to pull out the aroma and test the head retention - which he gave a thumbs up for the head.

 I missed getting a photo of Dave smelling the beer as I was laughing soo much - he made the experience such fun.

Dave was very impressed and surprized how clear the brew was. Dave and I had had big discussions when I first brought the fermenting container and he learnt we were making home brew  with real hops. He's a fan of kits and with jest told me I was wasting my time trying to make beer the old fashioned way, and I'd left his shop laughing with us both agreeing to disagree.

Man I was nervous when he took his first sip I had a lot at stake here.

But absolutely delighted when even he was surprised of how good a drop it was.

He did think it was bottled too early and also sampled a bit too early - he likes to leave his brews down for 6 months. He thought the alcohol content was at a guess 6%

Dave is nearly 80 years old - he didn't like retirement so opened up his Home Brew shop 14 years ago. What an inspiration for growing older.

He reminds me of Billy Connolly's take on old age. "Don't have friends your own age. I'm 71 and I don't hang about with guys who are 71, they're playing dominos somewhere. I like to hang about with just the younger people who just do the same things rather than the same age."

Oh boy I feel I'm going to be counter-culture even in my old age - once again thinking outside main stream society - bit how I feel about homeschooling....Society has age segregation for children (schooling done by age) and then once again in old age with retirement villages....


  1. Sounds like that homebrew passed a pretty impressive test!

  2. but how do you and james like your home brew???

  3. The proof is all in the tasting, well done to you both. Cheers to all, Jean.

  4. I reckon that's cute! Happy Easter Leanne!

  5. Great job! My husband brews with grains too, no kits. Then the chickens get all the spent grains.

  6. Dave is a knowledgeable guy isn't he. Old fashioned product knowledge and product service makes such a difference doesn't it, well done on bringing that grin to Dave's face.