Monday, 28 April 2014


 Amber, Shiloh and Symba are all getting along fine. There is quite a hierarchy in place - Amber has her dinner on her own, she likes chicken and duck

Usually Shiloh and Symba eat together but Shiloh is crazy for beef casserole at the moment and had no manners at all tonight..

 Symba looks pitifully at me saying he didn't want his casserole - he wanted chicken and duck.
Some people mistakenly state animals cant communicate with people but Symba is speaking volumes here.

He must of talked some cat language as Shiloh decided she wanted to sit and watch what Amber was eating too..

 Amber leaves a little for the others and is content to wash her paws and face.

And have a big scratch

 Then comes for her knee time.

Symba starts eating the left over chicken and duck while Shiloh waits.

Shiloh being nearly full on her casserole is content to polish the plate totally.

I held my breath when Symba was having his knee time and Amber jumped up on my knee too. I couldn't believe it.... two of them on my knee at once. I think they sensed my surprise as Symba hopped off.

 We do it all again with who sleeps where. Amber likes the chair with the hottie under her blanket and the quilt like a tent. Symba and Shiloh tuck up together in the igloo with a hottie under their blankets

Amber likes to snack on some cat nuts in bed...I wonder if their family will keep to such routines when they go home

So this little family has worked out their pecking order - Amber is boss and the other two are accepting that. We acknowledge it too by petting and feeding Amber first

NB please excuse my messy floor in photos. I don't sweep the floor until everyone is fed, petted and tucked up then I do the cleaning and chat away to them as they they settle down for the night..

Sure hope their family are having a lovely holiday.

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