Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Farm Stay Guests

 Amber is a Caro / lordy baby and has had her nose out of joint since her family got two kittens.
We have given her some Bach remedies and after clipping all their nails have integrated her with the other two. We are happy to say things are going rather well. Amber is tolerating them. Amber still says "I am the boss you know - You two do as I say"

 Shiloh isn't too worried about Amber - she just says "Hello Amber" and carries on.

But.... Symba adores his big sister Amber and soo wants to be her friend, he doesn't annoy her at all but does push the boundary a bit by trying ever so hard to sit next to Amber every single chance he gets.

 But then Symba is a social fellow and just prefers to have company - If Amber gives him the cold shoulder and won't have anything to do with him he's happy to go and see Shiloh instead.

Shiloh loves this and thinks its a grand game and hides in the play tunnel then leaps out when Symba comes near.
They are so interesting to sit and watch (Much better than anything on TV)

The scratching pole is such a huge hit - When Amber wishes to sit on the top she does. Once a hierarchy is established and if everyone follows the rules life is peaceful in the cat world.
When feeding them its important to give plenty of food and to make sure that Amber eats first - then after that she's happy to share with the others. These guys are now getting on really well together.


  1. They are a beautiful trio, and we hope they learn to be friends.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. I can always pick out the kittens of Caro and Lordy, my favourite of all the cats. I did enjoy these pics today.

  3. I reckon you can read each kitty's character from the expression on its face! Classic.

  4. So beautiful! I think Symba is absolutely stunning. I'm sure they'll all settle in once they get used to each other.