Friday, 18 April 2014

Farm Stay Guests

Isn't Shiloh a pretty little black kit?

I always feel good when the cats settle in - their families can relax and enjoy their holiday knowing their cats are fine - they are so disloyal, its amazing how quickly they adjust...
I do offer plenty of yummy food and treats to help settle them in "yum yum" says shiloh.

 Shiloh having a big stretch amongst the pine needles such high winds last night - there are pine needles everywhere.

 Shiloh adores the play tunnel - she plays very lady like,  she hasn't ripped out the little balls inside it yet.
A MandaBurms cat would of had them pulled out well before now.

Amber has had us laughing today - she reminds us of her auntie Laura and her grandmother Briar Rose.
We clipped all their nails and then let them mix. Amber was not pleased she grizzled and carried on (all talk not nasty). Amber seemed to have no tolerance at all for her younger cat family members.
We gave them some calming Bach remedies and supervised them for a while. 
I'm pleased to say all went well and they are now tolerating each other. 

Symba so wanted to sit on the chair with Amber and be her friend - but Amber wouldn't have a bar of this - "You are beneath me and shall stay down on the floor" - not that Symba  really cared.

They are all on their way to become best friends by the time they have to go home again.

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