Thursday, 17 April 2014

Farm Stay Guests.

Welcome back Amber. Amber is from Caro and Lordy and I'm pleased to say she remembered me. Since she stayed last two more cats have joined her family (Amber is not too pleased) so Amber's family booked out the cattery for the month to enable all of the cats to have their own rooms.

Amber didn't want to stay still for a photo shoot.

 Symba has been terribly shy and I always appreciate their owners telling me about their personalities so I know to take things nice and slow, plus it helps when they come with their favourite food - it all helps settle them in. Due to Symba being so terribly shy I only took photos today - the camera lens can look like a big scary eye to a shy we puddy tat.
 Symba took a few days but is now settled and is eating well.

 He liked to check out his big sister Amber

And as you can see likes to annoy his big sister. - his stripe down his back makes me wonder if he has abyssinian in his gene pool

I feel terribly mean but this is the only good photo I got of Shiloh playing peek a boo.- she likes going in and out the cat door. Shiloh is a sweet little girl - I'll make sure I focus on her for photos tomorrow.
Shiloh won't be pleased with me but I've locked the cat door for the night to keep them all tucked up safe and warm - there is a horrible storm heading our way.

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