Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Latest fashion

Brent and James' new T shirts arrived today from the USA

Irresistible Beast.

 Forget the House! How big is the Garage!
The house is yours! The garage is mine!

Rat Fink Reunion - Power of dreams.

 Clean up the garage not!
Big mess. Big Success


The wheel of the year turns again Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer - fading, death,birth, growth, 
Samhain is seen as 'autumn's end' and the beginning of winter, the eve of the new year, the onset of the dark phase of the year.

Samhain eve is the night that the veil between our Earth plane and the “Otherworld” is at it’s thinnest. A 'spirit night' a time to remember those who have passed onto the “Otherworld” and are no longer with us in the physical body.

Brent's dad feeding our dobermans (we bred them before kids) I often reflect on all our past animals at this time too. (I secretively hope to have another doberman one day- a nice little black n tan girl)

Brent's mum feeding her magpie and Dougal the cat. 

It is also the last harvest before winter sets in. 
Growing, gathering & eating to season makes one aware of the turn of the wheel.

Not all our walnuts but some we forage on our walks. - Our family loves to forage!

Stella and I are toasty and warm in the dining/kitchen/computer area with the fire (I love a real fire best part of autumn and winter)
 James said his boots were nice to put on this morning the steel cap toes get nice and hot  Hasn't he got a good mummy who gets up early, makes his lunch, lights the fire and makes sure his boots are nice and toasty.

Happy Beltane to all in the Northern hemisphere.

(sorry been quite in the blog world, I'm studying hard should get my 2nd to last assignment in today)

Monday, 28 April 2014


 Amber, Shiloh and Symba are all getting along fine. There is quite a hierarchy in place - Amber has her dinner on her own, she likes chicken and duck

Usually Shiloh and Symba eat together but Shiloh is crazy for beef casserole at the moment and had no manners at all tonight..

 Symba looks pitifully at me saying he didn't want his casserole - he wanted chicken and duck.
Some people mistakenly state animals cant communicate with people but Symba is speaking volumes here.

He must of talked some cat language as Shiloh decided she wanted to sit and watch what Amber was eating too..

 Amber leaves a little for the others and is content to wash her paws and face.

And have a big scratch

 Then comes for her knee time.

Symba starts eating the left over chicken and duck while Shiloh waits.

Shiloh being nearly full on her casserole is content to polish the plate totally.

I held my breath when Symba was having his knee time and Amber jumped up on my knee too. I couldn't believe it.... two of them on my knee at once. I think they sensed my surprise as Symba hopped off.

 We do it all again with who sleeps where. Amber likes the chair with the hottie under her blanket and the quilt like a tent. Symba and Shiloh tuck up together in the igloo with a hottie under their blankets

Amber likes to snack on some cat nuts in bed...I wonder if their family will keep to such routines when they go home

So this little family has worked out their pecking order - Amber is boss and the other two are accepting that. We acknowledge it too by petting and feeding Amber first

NB please excuse my messy floor in photos. I don't sweep the floor until everyone is fed, petted and tucked up then I do the cleaning and chat away to them as they they settle down for the night..

Sure hope their family are having a lovely holiday.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Fire Cider

There are lots of recipes on the Internet on how to make Fire Cider  - my favourite will have to be by Rosemary Gladstar,

Here's my recipe. (Everything is from my garden except the onion and ginger.)

 sprig of rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) full of vitamin A and C, stimulates the nervous and circulatory system, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

 fresh thyme (Thymus Vulgaris) My favourite herb for its pungent and warming properties, Rich in vitamin B's, C and D and iodine.Antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic. Enhances the immune system

The horseradish ready to be harvested - lots of new little shoots happening - very thrilling as I do wish to share my plants so have taken cuttings and potted them up. In the mean time you can get some from Ginny's Herbs . so easy and fun to grow.

 Place in a large jar preferably one with a plastic lid otherwise just put paper in between the lid.

1 onion peeled and chopped
about 50 grams of garlic peeled and crushed and or chopped
about 50 grams of horseradish root peeled and grated
about 25 grams of ginger or about 4 inches peeled and grated
2 chillies chopped seeds and all.
good handful of thyme and rosemary leaves
Zest and juice of one lemon

as the norm my recipes are about - you want about equal amounts of garlic, onion, horseradish and about 1/2 the amount of ginger

The ingredients are hot and spicy so take care chopping especially the horseradish it is pretty potent stuff to work with (I shut my eyes when I grate horseradish) - wash your hands well before you touch your eyes.

Pour in organic naturally fermented (with the mother) apple cider vinegar - pour in enough to cover by about 1/2 inch.

Stir and then leave for about 4 weeks.- give it a shake daily


After 4- 6 weeks strain and add about 1/4 cup raw local honey add more or less honey to your taste

Fire Cider is a wonderful boost to the immune system - perfect for winter colds and flu, but I love it for stimulating the digestive system.

I love to use  1 tablespoon  of fire cider with olive oil and lemon juice as a salad dressing- wonderful to get the digestive juices working.

For the cold and flu season add a tablespoon to hot water, juice of 1 lemon, 1 teaspoon of honey and a dash of whiskey. Or take a tablespoon daily neat especially over the winter season.

Best time to make it is now in autumn so it will be ready for the winter flu season.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Farm Stay Guests.

Peek a boo

If you think I could get a photo of Shiloh while I have the tunnel outside - think again - she is far too busy playing to stop for a photo.

Symba really doesn't like his photo taken

He tried all sorts of tactics to make me stop.

Oh Symba I'll stop.

Amber who looks soo like her mum Caro

She is coping well with her other members of her family - but she sure does enjoy getting petted and fed first.

Amber especially likes it when I take her out of the run and we sit and have big loves while she sits on my knee - Just the two of us and no other cats.

It's very much autumn here wet, gloomy over cast  and the autumn flu going through the family
I hope Amber, Shiloh and Symba's family are having nice spring weather over in Germany.

You need to take a moment and pop over to Vyacheslav Mishchenko Facebook page his insect macro photos are totally stunning. - I'm a fan!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

My Monet scarf

Change of plans brought about me knitting a  Monet scarf

I made one hexi puff and it was not mind numbing enough for me.. I possibly didn't give it long enough but just knew nope these are not for me. Even tho they are soo cute and squishy

I LOVED the Kolgu wool I'd brought and did not want to waste them so the Monet Scarf was started.

I've the best daughter in the world who casted on 390 stitches - wooooooo I've never ever knitted with that many stitches at once.

She has these cute heart stitch counters/spacers which she put on at  every 100.

 sure saves going back to counting at number one if you forget where you are up to aye.

 Working on circular needles (again a first for me)

can you see the little heart at the beginning of my row - that is the marker for  the right side.

Row one. Knit one, yarn forward (do not pull tight!) slip the next stitch PURL wise, Yarn back (don't pull tight) and knit through back of stitch. Repeat until end of row. At end of row cut your yarn leaving nice long tassel.

FUN PART! - swoop all the way back to the heart marker do not turn your needles around and start at the very beginning again which means you don't have to ever purl - talk about the easiest scarf ever.

Row two. Using same colour yarn or different colour Slip one purl wise, Knit one through back of stitch, yarn forward (don't pull tight) slip stitch purl wise, yarn at back of needle (don't pull tight) and knit through back of stitch - repeat to end of the row and leave a long tail of yarn then snip it off.

Fun part again - swoop all the way back to the heart marker and now do a row one again.

It doesn't take long and you can see a pattern which makes this the easiest mindless knitting ever.
I can stop in the middle of a row and when I pick it up again I can see where I am up to.

Plus it's soo pretty and soo fun to see the Monet colours - I like to think of each little stitch as a flower how if Claude Monet was knitting it, just where he would put a little flower.

mmm Monet - just pure bliss.

The wrong side is pretty too.

I've no idea how wide I'm going to knit it - probably until I run out of wool.

It's the most relaxing, meditative bit of knitting I've ever done. 

Warning! it is addictive - I seem to have a sit and knit a few stitches when ever I walk past.

Plus the colours make it soo joyful.and such a splirt of happiness to sit and contemplate the way the colours are blending.  I so do love colour.

Listening on audio...

Searching for Schindler  is the  story behind Schindler’s List, Thomas Keneally tells the tale of the unlikely encounter that propelled him to write about Oskar Schindler and of the impact of his extraordinary account on people around the world. I've only just begun listening to the book but already I'm hooked.

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