Thursday, 20 March 2014

Yarn Along

Ta da a FINISH! now that IS satisfying finishing something - ok it's only one Hexipuff but it is complete.

It's soo fun to make (ok it took me four times to start one as I kept doing it wrong I've never ever knitted with three knitting needles at one time and a stitch marker. BUT I persevered and had soo much FUN stuffing the little hexipuff with batting and lavender.
Plus they are ever so snuggly and well puffy to squish in your hand - an absolute sensory delight.

My  Koigu KPPPM sock yarn MINI skeins. 
Mini meaning there is 25 yards in each skein enough to make 2 hexipuffs in each skein.
I brought mine from an Etzy designer Chiagu 

Swoon don't those little hexipuffs look F U N 


I'm really enjoying Sarah's new book Lost Lake - Sarah has a wonderful way with words
here are a few quotes from the book.

“We are conduits for happiness.” 

“When your cup is empty, you do not mourn what is gone. Because if you do, you will miss the opportunity to fill it again.” 

“You can't change where you came from, but you can change where you go from here.” 

Farm Stay Guests.

Bella reminds us so much like her mum Caro 

But oh my  Leonardo does our heart in. He rubs big toes just like Caro did,
(Caro left a big hole in our hearts)

I'll admit whenever we have a Caro baby staying we do the big toe test and get such a laugh seeing  Caro's fetish with big toes come down through her progeny. It was a big giggle to capture it on the camera.

Sterling always poses for the camera - don't yea just want to melt when you see his big eyes.

Coco is eating soo well here. She is rather slight so ummm I hope her family understands this is not a health camp here and she may go home a tad roly, as we all can after being away on holiday.

Omar is the hardest to get a photo from

he prefers to look right into the camera - hello mum and dad!


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  1. Oh my, I love this pattern but do not have the gumption to make (and join!) all those little hexis. Your yarn choices are so pretty -- your finished blanket will be gorgeous!

    1. Gigi I don't know if I'm gonna have the gumption either - my daughter has been rolling her eyes of how I'm gonna adapt the pattern to suit my needs .... I LOVE the wool reminds me soo much of Monet work SWOON

  2. Glorious wool colours, 3 needles is so hard when there are only a few stitches. Love that last photo, Omar is a right royal looking fellow indeed. Cheers, Jean

    1. I think I've mastered three needles so might be able to learn to knit socks - on the bucket list! Omar is a dag aye. All the cats staying at mo ar soo easy to have here a real dream.

  3. A FUN LITTLE challenge Leanne - well done on a great start - may your hexipuff be the first of many:-)

    1. LOL it may be my only one as the Scotch in me thinks... one is not going to see both sides when I turn it into a pillow so I'm probably gonna adapt the pattern. GIGGLE

  4. I was so happy to see hexipuffs on the Yarn Along! I absolutely adore this project. I haven't made many socks so I have been using worsted weight scraps to make the puffs. I agree - sensory delight. So, so fun!