Wednesday, 26 March 2014

New sheep to the flock

 Tup our ram's nose has been going flat stick - he can smell the new girlfriends. Tup is the new ladies toy boy being our ram from last years lambs we are running on.Tup is not even 1 year old but as you can see hes going to be a big fellow.

This is Tex, Tup's dad he was a pedigree Texel ram

Tex is now living at another local farm sharing his love about.

Brent picked up our new girls on Sunday

They are two years old

The girls were a bit wary at first - well wouldn't you coming off over 100 acres to 3 acres. I imagine it was there first time seeing a car let alone travelling along a highway.

They are lucky girls ending up at our place - they will have a great life for a few years and be well cared for.
They are texel crosses - texel is a bred that we have found to be great.

They have name tags so I need to try not to get to know their numbers as this helps not getting attached
 But seeing and knowing a number I'm gonna have to be very careful not to get fond of a particular ewe.

 The pressure is now on Tup to perform.
Tupping time will hopefully now begin and Tup will do his job so we can have spring lambs - one of my favourite times living here.


  1. h oh...what happens to them in a couple years? wait, maybe you shouldn't tell me! haha...i am such a chicken!

    1. I tell yea if I was allowed to use my gun I would of today! They keep jumping fences and eating the garden, kefier lime tree and natives. Made me 100% sure I will not be getting another goat. We must of looked a sight running around section rounding up sheep in designer Peter Alexander dressing gown with gumboots.

  2. They all look very sturdy and healthy.
    I love the lambs. Best not to think about them growing up....!

  3. They are so pretty and the little ones are just adorable.

  4. Oh boy aren't rams disgusting when they get the nostrils flared like that!! Your new girls look good...