Saturday, 22 March 2014

Let the feast begin.

. Every turn of the wheel we celebrate with a meal that has been home grown
Life doesn't get much better than serving a meal to the family that has been homegrown
I find it hugely satisfying.

"I think a lot of younger people now don't want their children to be brought up on food that has had poison sprayed over them,"
Sister Loyola Galvin

Big congratulations to Sister Loyola Galvin for  being made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to gardening. I admire this lady!!!

Yes even the meat was home grown - the sheep that we raise have a really wonderful life - all bar one day.

The leg of lamb (ok mutton) is stabbed all over to make little slits and is filled with homegown garlic and homegrown rosemary some salt and roasted.
Home grown pumpkin, beetroot and whole garlic cloves are roasted in the lamb juice.

Served with fresh beans from the garden, tomatoes, garlic and courgettes (onion not from garden nor is broccoli)
That's James dinner and he was still hungry after that. 
I sure feel for families that are raising a brood of teenage boys - the food they must go through to fill a teenage boys tummy!.

Washed down with some home made Kombucha Tea - which was a huge hit!

Pudding - fresh passionfruit off our vine.

What a way to welcome Autumn aye!

Farm Stay Guests...
It is rather hard to capture stunning photos of the cats, their ears move listening to all the birds which can give a grumpy or unhappy look. They much prefer to be rubbing around your legs, sitting on your knee than posing for a photo for the blog.

BUT yesterday Jo Moore came out to photograph the cats staying at Cottage Tails.

Jo is a local (rather famous) Wellington photographer that has a real love of animals - it shows through her Pet portraits  Here take a peek over on her pet page of her website

When Jo was a young girl she wanted to be a vet nurse or a zoologist but knew she couldn't of handled seeing mistreated animals. She chose instead the career of photography and all through her degree she focused her assignments on conservation and animal welfare.
Now a successful photographer she spends her time taking wedding , corporate, and family event portraits. BUT she also donates her time and skill  by taking photos for SPCA and HUHA .  Talk about someone paying it forward aye!
You will know which ones are Jo's photos as she has the above JM in the bottom right hand corner of all her photos.

I know I get a big warm gooey feeling every time she posts some new photos.
you might even see furry and feathered critters from Cottage Tails on there.

Oh If you would like a pet portrait Jo offers a FREE sitting fee with no obligation to purchase any prints. How amazing is that? (But I bet you will once you see her work her magic with her camera and how she interacts with the animals. She has the most amazing bag of tricks (aka noises) to get the animals to look at the camera and she doesn't care if your big Mastiff leaves white hairs on her black pants or that she has to lie on the gravel driveway to try and get the perfect shot.


  1. That roast dinner does look good and would have tasted so much better being home grown.

    1. homekill meat is so more tender than supermarket meat. PLUS we know where it has come from, we know what it has been fed and we know it has had a wonderful life - all bar one day.

  2. Such bounty! what a wonderful way to mark the changes in the seasons.

    1. A firm tradition in our family and we love it. Finished our celebration with a bonfire last night. We sure know how to make things last here. SMILE

  3. It looks delicious and I'm sure tasted scrummy. We currently have an embarrassment of tomatoes and aubergine.

    1. are you finding the season out of wack up there? Our tomatoes are not ready to finish yet but I'm itching to get in and celan up the summer garden for winter planting.

  4. Oh dear my mouth is watering! lamb & mutton is so expensive to buy, I miss this meat as it was a common meal when I was growing up.

    1. I am gob smacked how much a leg of lamb/mutton is in the shop - keeps us wanting to raise our own food that is for sure.

  5. James I salute you. I used to teach teenage boys so I should have realised that was your plate not the plate for the whole family!

    1. LOL He must be going through a growth spurt as he is ALWAYS hungry at the moment