Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Leo is Spoilt for Choice.

I like eating mince
 I get cross when I have to wait for my mince

Mind you - I like my facilities - Here's my cat bed that I don't use that I brought with me from home.

 Here's my other cat bed I can use if I don't want to use the other cat bed
 But I don't use this either

Here's my chair with my quilt

 Underneath the quilt I have hotties to keep me warm
 Two hotties not one

I like the pink blanket from home over the hotties .
 I like the quilt over the chair made into a tent

 I like to have a quilt tent and then snuggle into my blankets
(that is after I have finished eating my mince)



  1. Comfort is a full tummy and a warm bed, they are really no different to us. The fire is lit here, curtains pulled shut, and Felicity has found her sheepskin already in front of the hearth. Cheers, Jean.

    1. smile yes cats like us do like the comforts of life. Glad you have wood in ready for winter.

  2. If he wasn't black and if his name was Charlie instead of Leo you could have been talking about the cat who owns me.

    1. SMILE! Leo is soo funny how he likes his bed just so.

  3. He really does has a life of luxury while he stays with you!

    1. Thanks you - we do enjoy seeing the kittens we bred come back to stay.