Sunday, 2 March 2014

Green Manure

 A new Moon and a new month wacko!
I've been busy grabbing as much time as I can in the garden - big changes happening.

 The top garden has done so poorly this summer and I am blaming it on compost we brought in -  organic at that.
So everything is being pulled out except the herbs and then I'll sow mustard seeds which is a soil biofumiant.. Mustard contains glucosinolates which will clear out many soil pathogens so here it goes...
It's going to feel very weird not having an autumn garden. But James has said I can plant to my hearts content in his garden YEA!!!

 The other big decision was to pull up all of my strawberry plants - VERY SAD!
The kikuyu grass had invaded the strawberry patch and was becoming quite a chore to clear it out in between the strawberry's. Hence the garden bed that has been stripped bare. Brent will dig it over well for me and I'll carefully try and pick out every little bit of the pesky kikuyu grass. It will also get mustard seeds and be tucked up for winter. come spring again I will be a busy girl replanting a strawberry patch.

Cottage Tails Farm Stay Guests.

Beau and Sienna arrived Friday night. they have been often and have no issues about settling back in.
Leo arrives today (Sunday) his room is all ready for him. We have a busy March of cats staying

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