Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Buckwheat Cereal


I'd spent the last few days lovingly preparing the buckwheat groats. First soaking them for 4 hours.

Rinsing twice a day. Leaving them to sit on the bench to drain  for three days

The fourth day they were ready to make into buckwheat cereal.
I had family members who I will not name state
"you can not make me eat those"
"You might be being a naturopath, but I'm not so I'm not eating that"

Buckwheat cereal recipe adapted from my naturopath workshop.
6 heaped desert spoons of  sprouted buckwheat
1 Tablespoon of soaked chia seeds
1 Tablespoon soaked sunflower and pumpkin seeds
1 grated organic apple
serves 2

Mix together serve with fresh blue berries and organic yoghurt

Brent is a fun husband he tries most things I make and willingly ate the buckwheat cereal along with me for yesterdays breakfast. His feedback was he wouldn't want to eat it everyday , and that he wouldn't also like to eat a full English breakfast everyday - very diplomatic my Brent is.

About half an hour after eating it I was violently ill, much to the amusement of the family members who did not eat buckwheat cereal. oooh I was poorly - it has put me off buckwheat for life. so poorly I had to cancel the massage I had booked in for 10am - I felt really stink about that!

Brent was fine he had no such reaction. Of course the kids are milking this to their benefit! I doubt it was the buckwheat cereal probably a bug off the shopping trolley as I did go to supermarket on Sunday

The buckwheat sprouts and cereal was given to the chickens they devoured it 

Gus turned his beak and refused to eat it.

So I suppose try the recipe at your risk.


  1. oh that is too funny lol {{hugs}} Sorry you ended up so sick. It looks so jolly healthy too!

  2. oh wow...i think this just put me off of buckwheat too! LOVE that car!

  3. You could always say it was a healing crisis and the buckwheat did what it was supposed to and cleansed your body. Drink lots and just chalk it up to experience xx

  4. Wow, was that an experiment gone wrong? And the car, is that a new addition to your fleet of vehicles? Take care with any further new food recipes, and well done to Brent. Cheers, Jean.