Wednesday, 12 March 2014

bits n bobs

Morning says Mack who had me up and down since 2.30am wanting to go in and out as an old dog can do...

The nerine's are making a grand display - Ali I'm pretty sure these are yours that you kindly sent my way.

Progress on the old truck is coming along, the chassis is back from the painter's The cab is being painted at the moment. Can you believe this the old truck that hasn't been in use since I was 16 and Brent was 18 will be soon taking us on lots of road trips and picnics.


  1. I'm glad your nerines have thrived. Mine are putting on a great display too. They last well in a vase too.

  2. it will be a grand day when you set off on your first picnic in the old/ new truck!

  3. oh get out! this truck is the coolest thing ever!!! are you painting it black like the photo? i am so glad to have played a tiny part in this project. it means a little bit of me gets to go on those picnics too!

    1. Yep gloss black just like the photo (Same truck as ours too) - Gloss black is a challenge but so worth it in terms of presentation and resale value.
      Many thanks Brent

  4. wanting to go in and out as an old dog can do..

    OH YES! big love to the old boy xx

  5. Your dear old dog looks well and happy. Ours is over fifteen now so every day is a bonus.

    The nerines are a stunning colour. I have only seen pink ones in England. They are a popular garden flower at the end of summer.

    Have fun with the truck outings when the restoration is finished!