Monday, 3 March 2014

Bird watching

 Sienna doesn't know which way to look - either at the sparrows

 or the baby pukeko's in the paddock

 Beau isn't fussed on watching the birds, he prefers having his dinner served to him.

 OOPs I was a tad heavy handed dishing up Leo's dinner - his family are not going to believe me that he ate all of his mince. He usually only eats cat nuts at home and when they heard how he likes beef at our place they brought him some. He ate it the first night and turned his nose up the next night.
A new moon always gets me cracking on some new project or two..

The month of March is going to be all about brewing, soaking and fermenting. I've on the go sourdough , soaking chia seeds, sprouting sprouts and buckwheat and my first ever kombucha tea

I'm thrilled Sandor Katz is coming to New Zealand
For Wellington writers week
and at Nikau cafe Wellington.


  1. Hi Leanne, I have recently come across chia seeds & have been sprinkling them on lots of things I eat as read about how good they are for you. Do you mind if I ask you why you soak them please ... I wondered if there was something else I should be doing perhaps?? Julie x0x

  2. Oh my, that IS a lot of dinner. But he seems to be really enjoying it. And what strange looking birds...I'll have to google them.