Saturday, 15 February 2014

Off and away

 Photo taken two nights ago when moon nearly at  full. 

We will still see  tonight's full moon from the west coast of New Zealand and as we have rented a bach in the country (could you really see us in the city centre?) we will feel a bit like being at home with a clear dark sky and just the moon - bliss.

I'm such a homebody - I'm already homesick and haven't even left. It's the little things I know I will miss, the critters that live here, picking my seasons tomatoes, and beans and getting fresh farm eggs and herbs I just pop outside to get them when ever I need herbs. But I'm all organised and we are taking a lot from home. The boys will be fine the pantry and freezer is chock a block for them. and they have instructions to water and pick the veges in the garden daily before the birds get them.....

“... Why, it would really be being unselfish to go away and be happy for a little, because we would come back so much nicer.” 

Have I shared how much I enjoyed The Enchanted April? 
I never knew Elizabeth was a cousin to Katherine Mansfield 

I've downloaded A Breath of Snow and Ashes to listen to on audio while away. Davina Porter has the most wonderful voice to listen to. I'm sure looking forward to the Outlander TV series (known here in NZ as Cross Stitch) . Might have to get SKY TV again as So Ho has the rights. 

PS Leo's mum and dad - Leo's room is all prepared waiting for his visit. he will be very spoilt with the boys looking after him.
If any other MandaBurms want to stay while we are away just ring as Brent and James are more than happy to look after them


  1. Enjoy, and if you do go past our place, please call in, I have some tiger tily bulbs, (LOTS) for you,I'm sure we'll see lots of photos of this wonderful place soon. Cheers to all, two ( oops, should be three) on the road, and all left at home, Jean.

  2. Enjoy your girlie time away xx

  3. I know that feeling of being homesick before you've left. Have a great time and try not to fret too much although I know you will.

  4. What a spectacular moon photo! Ah, you're getting some pre-trip jitters. Just keep concentrating on how much fun you'll have while you're gone!

  5. Yes, what a lovely photo! And I love your quote as well, because I've just booked a vacation. Sounds like you've got everything prepared on the home front so just relax and have fun!