Sunday, 16 February 2014

New Plymouth day 1

I can't seem to upload photos onto blog.
Managed to get them onto Facebook hope link works

I changed to google chrome browser and can upload photos.

oh my I love my zoom on the camera it even has captured the spider and her web

 lots of quails here.

 SQUEAL we have a cow

 Brent gave Abbey some money to buy herself something - she is going to tell her dad she brought a cow
 our view from lounge

view out kitchen window 


 oh my if I was a painter I'd paint this

 full moon

 Sunrise this morning

We are all really thrilled with the bach just perfect!
We even brought Stella's house with us.

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  1. Wonderful photos....nice holiday for you two and Stella. I've had some of the same issues using Explorer....I think Google is pressing for us to use Chrome. Chrome is not my first choice...may be forced to use it.

  2. Wonderful series of images. I love the cow and it pretty eyes! Your views are just lovely! The moon shot is beautiful and your Stella is a cutie! Thank you for linking up to my Saturdays's Critters. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Beautiful photos Leanne ... I grew up in Hawera & always had that mountain out my bedroom window. I love that area - especially that rugged coastline. My family still live down there so everytime I go to visit I feel like it is still Home in a way. Hope you both have a great week away & recharge your batteries :-) (p.s I think a cow would be a great idea for Abbey to spend her money on !!!!! Good luck with getting it home)

    1. lol I bet that is what Brent is thinking. BUT Abbey says AKA Petbus lol

  4. Stunning spot you're in, have a wonderful break you two... oops three!!

  5. Is that thr cow? I'm sure dad will be very surprised to hear what she bought for herself lol.

  6. Lots of great photos here ~ hard to pick a favorite ~ but I love, love, love dogs! ~ thanks,

    artmusedog and carol

  7. how beautiful! what is a bach? hope you have a wonderful time.

  8. oh what wonderful photos! LOL about the cow...good choice Abbey!