Friday, 14 February 2014

Menu planning.

 Saturday Abbey, Stella and I are off for a week away - leaving the boys at home. (We are hoping the flu leaves us before Saturday!)

Menu planning has been done for both us girls and also for the boys.
Eating out is something none of our family particularly enjoys, we much prefer to cook our own food from scratch.
Abbey and I have chosen seven dinner meals and not one of them has potato YEA!!!!!

Big comfy Kumera which will be based on  My New Roots. recipe 

Mushroom Risotto we adapt the recipe as don't use jar essence of chicken whatever that is.

 Home made sushi

and two easy meals of fillet steak and salmon (such treats!) with salad.

Lunches will be left overs and salads


Bircher muesli which I base mine  from wild health

and  home made muesli 


 spicy chickpeas, I like honey chickpeas but Abbey likes spicy. ones
Her last batch we gave to Pam to take to the sevens game to snack on. 

It takes a bit of planning and raiding the spice cupboard but it sure beats paying huge money for eating out.
I enjoy cooking and all the meals we have planned are quick n easy. 
It's the planning stage I always find the hardest

“Fortunately, though she was hungry, 
she didn't mind missing a meal. 
Life was full of meals. 
They took up an enormous proportion of one's time.” 
 Elizabeth von ArnimThe Enchanted April

Of course Miss Stella has her own doggie bag.

 We are very lucky that the bach we have rented is letting Stella stay - they usually don't allow pets. When I asked if they would consider letting Abbey bring Stella I  did explain how well behaved she is and that she has a doggie diploma from dog obedience. 


  1. Can I come too? Those meals look absolutely delicious - must try some.

    1. do let me know if you try any- My New Roots is one of my fav food blogs

  2. how cool! will you be blogging on your trip?

    1. I'll try but off to workshop for naturopath course so depends how sore my head is each evening/morning - I've got a few practical assessments I need to pass. GULP..

  3. Have a fun time travelling/exploring and work-shopping, Leanne! What a blessing Stella can come for the ride/fun. You'll do great on the assessments. {{hugs}}

    1. PS..your menu looks yummy. Can I come too LOL. Got try making my own honey-roasted chickpeas some time!

    2. Thanks! Some retail therapy might be in order too as New Plymouth has Jean Jones - my fav clothing store. I should blog more about what/how we eat but my dishing up skills are never photo blog quality more eat it while its hot folks.

  4. Leanne those dinners look delish, especially the sweet potato, one of my favourites. Just checked out My New Roots,great looking blog, shall have a good browse later.
    Enjoy your week away and as Julia said you will do great with your assessments.
    Cheers, Karen near Gympie

    1. Thank you! My New Roots is FAB! She is writing a book we will be one of her first clients. Love Leanne

  5. I would love to try the watermelon salad.

  6. I took them to the sevens AND forgot the leftovers were in my bag so brought them back to Australia and snacked on them at work. Thank you Abbey they were yummmmmmie :-D