Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Let me out!!!

The chickens are not happy.

They are totally not impressed that they aren't allowed to free range and have to stay locked up for a day or three.

All because of Miss Frizzle. 

Frizzle went missing and we called and called her (not that SHE knows her name- she's a tad dopey our Miss Frizzle).  We walked the section but no luck finding her.We even phoned neighbours to see if maybe she had walked into the jaws of a dog. A week later she came home for the 4pm feeding and gulped her food. She hanged about for a while but took off again before chicken bed time when the coop door is shut keeping the hens all safe for the night.

Yesterday morning Frizzle was back home for another feed. Brent enticed her into the chicken coop and locked the door What a commotion the other hens had forgotten who she was, pecking wars began as chickens do (poor Brodie had bleeding).The pecking order settled down and Brodie is back to being bottom of the pack. Miss Frizzle was frantic she really wanted out - we are thinking she has been sitting on eggs - of course not fertile since we have no rooster.

With Frizzle missing we had talked of getting some new chickens and even a rooster
 (I still miss my morning crow)
A David Bowie look a like was the favourite but the chicken man said the new rooster would be hen pecked - all the girls would peck his hair doo. So we put getting new hens on the back burner until March. 

Maybe we will get Miss Frizzle some fertile eggs to sit on...

Barn Happenings...
 Brent's annual leave is being spent in the barn working on his old truck.

The running boards have been repaired and are off to the painters today.


  1. oh no...all cooped up! so this is the truck that needed the hood latch?

    1. yep that is the one. Brent is on annual leave working on his pick up truck so I am sure more photos will be of the truck. SMILE.

  2. That's just what I thought. She's gone broody and is setting somewhere.

    1. yep but we couldn't find her so she has made a real safe little nest.

  3. You know a girl has to have some secrets, it is coming up to valentines day lol. A hunt around for the eggs may be a good idea or maybe let her out and quietly follow her to see where she goes.

    1. two days locked up and she is over those eggs PHEW. She was pretty sneaky aye

  4. Laughed at the "hairdo" photos!!
    Yep, she loves to be free!