Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dog food

Raw dinner - Gravy beef, cottage cheese, alfalfa sprouts topped with a teaspoon of flax seed oil

Cooked TV dinners of Chicken casserole with vegetables freshly home made and frozen 
are easy dog food dinners.

We choose to make our own home made dog meals as majority of dog food brands are for filling their tummies rather than nutrition. Commonly commercial dog food is filled with wheat which is hard for dogs to digest. Also when the food packets are labelled 'chicken', especially dried food, it actually contains no meat. Instead it is by-products. Chicken by-products are normally made up of beaks, feathers and feet and no actual meat. This is why if you are going to buy commercial dog food it is very important that you read the ingredients label.

 By law the highest quantities of food ingredients have to be listed in descending order. Therefore the first three ingredients are mainly what you are feeding your dog. It is best if there is no wheat in the first three ingredients and that at least two are actually meat - no by-products. This will help to make sure you are feeding your dog a more balanced and nutritious diet.

Personally if you have time, home made meals are best because you know what is going into their food and when balanced, they are a nutritious diet for your pups. It ends up being cheaper in the long run as there are less vet bills due to healthy animals with strong immune systems and rarely do the dogs teeth have to be cleaned by a vet due to a lack of tartar build up.

A brilliant cookbook of dog meals is "Dinner for Dogs" by Henrietta Morrison. Stella and Mack have sampled many of these recipes.  Henrietta Morrison aka Lily's Kitchen also sells a range of dog food in the UK which is based upon the principles within her book.


  1. You have the luckiest dogs EVER! I never knew chicken 'by-products' were the feet and feathers...that's icky.

  2. This is interesting Leanne ... my son has 4 female dogs - two are large black russian terriers - just lovely dogs but always prone to endless ear problems, infections etc... so endless vet visits, medications etc etc.
    A customer told me to tell him to take the wheat out of their diet - I told my son, not expecting him to listen but he did. He removed the wheat & pretty much put them on gluten free food & he has had NO ear problems since. When he mentioned his experience to the vet & suggested that the Vets perhaps recommend diet change before handing out medication, the vet got so angry with him, he (the vet) almost had an asthma attack. Hmmmm . . . .