Sunday, 26 January 2014

Saturday Critters.

One shrewd old fella - mischief is his second name.

Mack sneaks his dog biscuit around the side of the house to eat.

 Where Stella the poodle can't see what's going on... but she seems to find where the biscuit crumbs are left

Stella tries to get every crumb  - sometimes those very big jaws have a biscuit crumb or two hidden in the corners.
Mack seems to take this in his stride. (In the dog world licking another's jaws is a form of acknowledging who the boss really is)

Farm Stay Guests.

Bruno and Pi went home today and Ella arrived. Ella normally doesn't like other cats so I put her in the side run where she can't "see" the other cats. But at every chance she is around looking at Pinot.(He is a very handsome cat)

Pinot had been telling Ella about the big gun he saw today

  Pinot who is Ella's brother (Jasmine mother, Lordy father) but from a different litter  
Ella born 14 Jan 2008, Pinot 5 Jan 2007. .

Pinot saw it all. (Being a man cat he's very interested in hunting you know - and he does like his meat too) The "D" day arrived for the home kill. Usually the deed is done up in the pen by the barn but no way would the sheep come for their nuts. So to have it all over and done with quickly with no stress, the butcher and James went up to them.
It's never our favourite day here but we make it quick and there is no stress on the animals, they are happily munching away and in the next second the job is over. It was meant to happen Friday and John the butcher did arrive but as we had Minka's family arriving soon for pickup, we rescheduled for Saturday.
It was also retirement day for our John the butcher. Our village butchers have decided to retire and have closed their shop. James sure is going to miss their special  gluten free sausages. It's going to feel very weird going past their window when in the village next time, there will be no wave and banter from the friendly butchers..

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  1. Love the shot of Mack and Stella. They are both cuties. Love the kitties too! Thanks for linking up to my Saturday's Critters. Have a happy weekend!

  2. and i thought stella was just giving mack a kiss!

  3. darling Mack, so patient and gentle xx

  4. And Mack was saving those biscuit crumbs in his beard for later!

  5. Mack and Stella are so cute together! And Pinot is certainly handsome. I hope seeing the 'event' didn't disturb him! I wish we had a local butcher shop here...and a bakery...sigh. I hate going to a huge supermarket. I'd rather go to the dentist!

  6. Cute! I love the kiss shot!

  7. My boss made fun of my butcher shop before he knew I that I go there. He told me they were driving the back roads to his daughter's sporting event and saw a crazy butcher shop where you could get meat, buy a car and get tires! Yep, our butcher shop out in the rural areas is next to his brother's car lot. They used to have a pay lake so you could catch your own specially raised fish too. It's really a good butcher shop too. My boss was sure surprised when I told him that was my butcher. I hope you can find another butcher somewhere as yours retire. It's so much better than the big chain grocery store meats, at least here.

    1. Most of our meat we eat is from homekill. We find we eat less meat and much prefer to KNOW how the animal has been raised and that the deed is fast. No long truck rides to the works for our meat. We didn't really buy much meat off the butcher due to this but we did buy their gluten free sausages which James liked (not me or Ab)