Sunday, 12 January 2014

Saturday critters

I'm sure glad Brent and James are home - they can take over looking after Gus the goose.

Gus did behave - but I didn't take my eye off him one little bit to let his beak loose on me.
PLUS Abbey and I had a strategic plan.
 She threw food to keep Gus occupied while I went into chicken coop to get eggs, feed and change water. 
Its a two gal job around that Gus!

Mother duck has successfully raised 3 teenage ducklings and brings them each evening for a free feed.

The hens are laying well for old girls.

What would Saturday Critters be without Molly Goat?


  1. What a great critter post. I love you Gus and the other goose, they are cute. Pretty shots of the Mallards and your chickens. And Molly is just adorable.. Wonderful series of photos, thank you for linking up to Saturday's Critters. Happy Weekend!

  2. i like your feathered friends - even if one of them is a mean gander!

  3. Gus the Goose sounds quite a character. Love all your other Saturday Critters too. Wishing you a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  4. i would just die to have fresh eggs!

  5. Lovely bird-themed (plus Molly) post :-) Great team work outsmarting Gus!

  6. I see that little head peeking out of the birdhouse. :-)

  7. Great photos. Molly goat looks adorable.

  8. So nice to get an up close look at the resident of your pretty bird house!! Molly has such beautiful coloring!!

  9. I think being a critter at your place would be a very charmed life, they always look so happy and well cared for!