Saturday, 25 January 2014

Organic milk and butter.

Naturopath in Training...

I've been asked if I'd do more blog posts on my naturopathy training. I'll  share changes our family are making..  Full handouts and reasons why I do plan on making into blog posts but at this stage I've only time for snippets to share which hopefully will send you on a bit of a research for yourself

 Lewis Road Creamy butter (I prefer unsalted) is made from organic Jersey cream. It's the best organic butter I can find made in New Zealand. I can pick it up from New World and Countdown (Countdown has it on special this week for $5.69 for 250g). It wasn't at the organic shop.

Organic non homogenised milk is harder to find in supermarkets - I've only found it at the organic shop for $3.29 for a 750ml bottle.

Don't yea love the bottle shape! It looks soo cute sitting in my fridge!

Homogenisation of milk has no health benefits - it is mainly done to make the milk last longer on the shelf . If you are wanting food as close to its natural state then choose non homogenised milk All "silver top" full fat milk is non homogenised. 

Permeate free is another word that is again worth researching, it is a natural waste product from the ultrafiltration of milk which is basically watering down our milk. Again, if you are wanting your food as in a natural state as possible, it's totally worth looking for permeate free milk.

Unpasteurised milk also known as raw milk can only be purchased from a raw milk supplier and not commercially. 

 Zorganic milk I've found a few times at the supermarket. Their website has not as much information as Lewis Creamy to research but would at this stage be my second choice for purchasing.

Us as consumers have a choice and we can insist on changes by voting with our money. As more consumers demand their food is grown and raised organically changes will happen.

Farm Stay Guests...

Pi following the late afternoon sunbeams.

Looks like I got just the right spot aye. oooh blisss says Pi

 Bruno also followed the sun beams.

 Pinot was a tad miffed at me.

  You see he watching the sheep and Molly goat, but I kept calling and calling for him to look at the camera.
It just wasn't what "HE" wanted to do at that particular moment.

Pinot cracks me up he gets as close to the fence as he can to watch - I think his inner panther is really wanting to attack.

The boys were bachelors for the night as Minka went home - just one night of no girl cats as Saturday Ella comes for her holiday.


  1. Lovely series of photos. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  2. Ite against the law to sell natural milk here for consumption. But the farmers and buyers get around it by saying its not for human consumption. We are trying to get it reversed. There was a lot of ke ruffle about the permeate in our milk so now it's been taken out of all milk sold here. So we are getting there slowly. Love Raw milk I used to get it straight from the dairy while I was pregnant with Stephanie, and mathew was only 18 months old. We were all healthy and. Happy and no one has stronger bones than our Stephanie.

    1. yes! Here we can buy a share of a cow which means we can get raw milk. And in Timaru is getting it's own Raw Milk station Times are a changing!

  3. Thanks for the information regarding milk products, I just feel butter would be better for you than margarine.
    Kind wishes

  4. Have you tried the farmers market have seen milk for sale at some of them.